Changing the footer text?

Is there any way to change the default footer text? or add a footer menu?


Hello ultimal! Yes this is possible with most themes. What theme are you using?

The barebones install of GRAV.

Alright, just a sec I’ll download and mess around with it

This forum btw, is so awesome!

Just a heads up, it’s going to take me a bit as I am not used to working with TWIG. The default theme (antimatter) doesn’t have the footer customizable in a YAML config file so I’m looking at extending that block for you.

Oh ok! Thanks! Are you one of the developers at GRAV?

Yes and no. I intern with them. So I do the occasional bug fix and plugin changes.

Hey! So if you follow this it’ll get you started with customizing the antimatter theme. I can get you started once that section ends.

That is too much, I just want to change the text and maybe add a link down there. That’s all.

If you extend the theme and provide a base.html.twig you’ll be able to continue to update the antimatter theme without having the base.html.twig changed.

If you choose to change the base.html.twig file in the antimatter theme (found in user/themes/antimatter/partials) then when you update the theme your changes will be overwritten.

Ok, thanks. I’ll look into that link to see how I can extend the theme.

Let me know if you need help or have issues with the extension.