Antimatter subpages menu - update

I have removed the Breadcrumb plugin and any url references I made in default.html.twig.

The file default.html.twig is now just:

{% extends ‘partials/base.html.twig’ %}

{% block content %}
{{ page.content }}
{% endblock %}

I have set up two pages underneath Home, call them A and B.
Underneath A, I have set up two subpages, call them Aa and Ab.
Underneath Aa, I have set up one subsubpage, call it Aa1.

I have enabled the dropdown menu in user/config/themes/antimatter.yaml

Most of the pages are visible on the menu when on different pages or subpages, but when I am on subpage Aa, the page below it, subsubpage Aa1 is NOT visible from the menu. (But Aa1 is visible on the menu when I am on each of the other pages.)

Perhaps I shouldn’t use subsubpages!

Anyway, this glitch may be tied up with my Breadcrumb issue (which I have parked for the moment).

Thanks for your help, Luke

I know you have 3 questions, but they may be related to just the same thing. It would be helpful if you could zip up your grav directory and put that on dropbox/googledrive/onedrive/whatever so that I can download it and have a look at it while going over your questions. It’s kinda hard to recreate the setup in my head while trying to debug your issue.

Hi Rhuk,
Thanks for helping.
I have done the following:

  1. a fresh install of Grav
  2. created the file ‘user/config/themes/antimatter.yaml’ and set it for dropdown menus
  3. created a simple page structure.

When I’m on any of pages Home | Page A | Page B, I can see (subsub) page Aa1 in the menu.
When I’m on either of pages Page Aa | Page Ab, I cannot see (subsub) page Aa1 in the menu.

Here’s the zipped Grav directory with it set up:

Hope that opens up okay. Shout if it doesn’t.

Cheers, Luke

Quick update.
It now seems to work AFTER having visited page Aa1 but not before.
I’ll test it out again later.

I extracted your zip and was able to see Aa1 item no matter what page I was on. Even Aa and Ab.

I’ll do a fresh install and see if I get this odd behaviour again. Thanks for checking out the zip.

Retested and all fine - I have no idea what happened first time round.
Thanks for your time :slight_smile: