Show in the navigation menu modules of modular page like submenus


Hello guys,
I’m a newbie here, completely new to twig, markdown and shortcodes concepts, but I’m a software developer so I assure you I’m a quick learner.
I’m creating an association site trying to use an home modular page with some basics infos with the addiction of some other pages with deeper information about the association.
I’ve set correctly the
onpage_menu: false
So in home I can see the navigation menu, but using that I cannot see the modular menu!
There is a way to add the subpages of the modular page like a submenu in the navigation menu?
I’m using the Quark theme

Thank you all!


Hi @nicjedi, perhaps the page containing the modular content is not visible? Setting a top-level page visible will then show that page in the menubar. Looking at one of the skeletons based on Quark might also help - if you have not done so already🙂

Let me know if the above helps.


Hi @paulhibbitts, yes I can see the top-level page ( the page with the modular template) in the navigation menu, but I cannot see allt he other subpages.
I was thinking to use the home page showings a landing page, a “who we are”, the meetings and contacts of the association, but I want also give to the user the possibility to go directly to the contacts even if he isn’t in the home (modular) page. Do you think that isn’t possible?

Thank you!


Ah, well if I understand correctly some themes do support drop-down menu items, but usually the logic is for child pages vs. modular pages. Grav can really do anything, but usually each theme more easily support certain things etc.

It looks like Quark support dropdown menus for child pages:

Not still sure if I understand what you are describing though🙂


@paulhibbitts mmmh you’re right, in theory reading the macro it has to be visible… my situation in the admin page is that:

do you see any error?


@paulhibbitts I found one thing!
All my children pages are non-Visible, but ever if i try to set it visible using visible: true in the frontmatter, they results as not visible


I think that child pages of modular pages are not visible as default, this is why they cannot be found in the menu.
I will solve that in another way, thank you for your support @paulhibbitts!


Good luck @nicjedi, hope you enjoy Grav!


Absolutely YES! Grav is great!



were you able to find a way to solve this?



unfortunately no… it’s impossible :frowning: