Very newb starting out issues


So I am testing out Grav for first time, using XAMPP on windows.
Id like to build a website on localhost without hosting and having it live.
How can I upload a grav theme or skeleton package.
currently it came with Quark, but Id like to being with something with more than 1or2 pages.
When I try to upload a new skeleton in grav it says, Install Package via Direct ZIP Upload 'Exceeded PHP configuration file size limit"
please help
I was somewhat familiar with joomla and using a rocketheme template, I am looking for a similar set-up where I can modify a template.

Try increasing the upload_max_filesize to 50M.
C:\xampp\php\php.ini and search for line ‘upload_max_filesize’.

Most plugins and themes come with a (mostly boilerplate) set of options for installing in their README files. All of them can be done locally without requiring you make your site “live”.

From memory, you can:

  • download (or git clone) and unzip any theme into the user/themes folder, or plugin into the user/plugins folder
  • install through the plugin or theme sections of Grav’s Admin dashboard using buttons
  • use the devtools command line plugin.

Any of those will work around the PHP limits and are all arguably simpler once you set them up.

Thanks I have now increased the size.

I cannot now access the Grav Admin Dashboard to upload…
I type into my browser: localhost/grav-admin
However, the Quark Page comes up not the login/grav admin.
I have C:\xampp\htdocs\grav-admin
Do I have to type in something else in the browser or do I have the file locations in the wrong place?

thanks for the reply!

How about ‘localhost/admin’

I got it to work with localhost/grav-admin/admin
thanks for the tip!
I cannot access the admin for a skeleton
ive tried:

any thoughts?

all three not working…

The first attempt should work as long as your site homepage is reachable at localhost/grav-skeleton-onepage-site.

Looking at that skeleton, it doesn’t include the admin plugin, so I think you need to install it. The simplest way to do that would be to copy the user/plugins/admin folder from your grav-admin site to user/plugins there.

Admin is not part of core and many skeletons will leave it out.

Investigate what are the different types of websites exist. Look for examples. Choose yours and it will be easier to find relevant templates on many famous and easy-to-do platforms like Wix, Weebly, Jimdo or Weblium.