Hi, I have a field in my admin for uploading files:

    name: downloads
    type: list
    style: vertical
    label: Page Downloads
        type: text
        label: Download Button Text
        style: vertical
        type: file
        label: Add a file
        accept: ["image/*", '.doc', '.docx', '.xls', '.xlsx', '.pdf']
        style: vertical
        destination: '@self'
        multiple: false
        limit: 1 
        filesize: 50

But when I upload anything over about 2mb (I didn’t find out the exact limit) it gives this error:

Unable to upload file filename.pdf: The uploaded file exceeds the max upload size

My php upload limit is like 200mb and I have other sites with CMS’s that easily upload 50mb+ files… am I doing something wrong?

I had sort of an similar issue.
I could not really track it down to a specific problem.

In the end I set up all again manually with a fresh grav 1.1.8 install. Though before I was probably overwriting the page default blueprint file in a bad way. I added a blueprint folder to the user folder and not to the theme folder.

@anthubbard comment on that issue @ponderboy mentioned if you are still stuck with it. I could not replicate the problem yet, but two in a row is suspicious.