Using Grav for stats-based website

I’m just starting a little project and I was wondering if this CMS is right for me. So I would like to ask people who use it for an advice.
This project will be very simple with pages for every city with data like population, area, employment rate etc… so from what I got i would need to store the data in the frontmatter for every city manually like I would in a database. This would be updated frequently every month or year.
Now consider I want a summary page that handles ALL that info from every city (stored in the frontmatter) and create stats like “biggest population increase this year” or “biggest area” or “top 10 cities by area” and so on… you get the idea.
Now, if i’m right about how Grav actually works, you can’t really do those things out of the box considering that

  • you can’t make “entries” for a specific row of data and you would also have to imitate the “update date” of when you add a new entry since you’re just modifying a text file basically. Also it would seem in the long run this could become very difficult to read.
  • you can’t just get specific “processed data” of a particular folder’s pages like you would with complex queries that does most of the job for you but you would need to get all the data and then process it in twig/php. This could probably be very difficult to do and also system intensive since PHP is not meant for that kind of calculations.

With this type of project am I already outside of the scope of what Grav was intended for or I missing something :slight_smile: ?


May I suggest you checkout the Flex Objects Plugin ?

can I make semi-complex queries on those objects?