Complex data rendering?


I am considering Grav as on option to replace the current website for my sport club (athletics). We have “home-made” it but I am not confident anybody else but me can still maintain it. Well, I need a CMS and I see 2 options database-driven (like WP) and Grav.

My current site is mainly static but there is a part my teammates love: the results which is the base of some internal challenges (quickest runner, etc.)

The database model is quite “simple” but, hey, it is still more complex than the actual flat-file design Grav can offer thus, my question: can Grav be used a result board site or at least, as a “membership” website. Does flat-file means I can’t even have some “dynamic” pages ?

Thank you

I think you’d need a plugin, but you could probably accomplish the same thing with twig (I’ve only done data stuff with plugins, myself). You can store data in the user/data folders in YAML, JSON, whatever format you want. Then the plugin/twig can do the math and render. You’d just want to set the page to not cache, or to make sure you clear the cache whenever the data is updated. Look at the comments plugin for one example.

Thanks for your answer. My objective is to do something like WP-Athletics (a plugin for WP).

That’s a pretty involved plugin, but there’s nothing there that isn’t doable in Grav.

flat file != static

I’ve submitted two plugins that will bring you at least part of the way towards what you’re looking for: Table Importer & Tablesorter.

Thank you. I will try them.