Newbie : New to Grav and need guidance

Hello All,

I am new to Grav and I have started to learn about it. The main reason that I have switched to Grav is to save up some time on the frontend part of my Project. I am in a need of serious guidance about Grav, as of now I have the basics known and can create simple forms/pages. But I am concerned about the Backend and Database. I would like to seek advice from experts in order to quicken the development of my Project. Please feel free to leave your approaches.

P.S: My Project is to build a Personality Test website which has 3 types of tests. Here user logs in and participates. After that, the user receives feedback about his/her performance based on many constraints in a graphical form (such as PDF) so that it can be printed. I am currently stuck on Frontend part using Javascript and backend in PHP, which is taking a whole load of time because I have to write everything by hand. I want to utilize as much time as I can. Thanks for your time and I am awaiting your valuable response.

Try Codementor. Many experts available at modest prices.