Using Grav for Event showtimes?

Hello all,
I am trying to set up Grav to show a calendar of events for a cinema type website. Are there any plugins or techniques that could be used to create parent event pages, with child events for each session?
I’ve experimented with the Event and Events plugins, but this does not seem possible.
I would also like to include custom fields for external booking URLs if that was possible.
Any pointers or guidance would be appreciated.
Thank you,

We created an events plugin for a user that was based on the flex-directory plugin (actually we created flex-directory from the events plugin by making it more generic).

Might be worth a shot! You could always fork it, or copy and make your edits.

So, if I understand you well:
You’d like to have ‘meta’ page with details of the movie, and associated with it sub-sites with each screening, is that correct?

Thank you both for the replies. I will investigate the Flex-Directory plugin rhuk, it looks very cool.

MakaryGo, I think that is correct, but I am still learning the Grav terminology. All events (Movies) would be on the same site, but the main details for the event (description, images). Then there would be instances of that event on different dates and times.

I will experiment, and post back with results. :slight_smile: