Starting to look into Grav for WP replacement

Hi guys,

I stumbled into grav while looking at WP Frameworks and found Gantry which leads me to GRAV.
I am redesigning / rebuilding a site using WP but was captured by the rapidness of Grav. There are some things about grav that I will be trying out before deciding. This is a church website so will have the usual blog / podcast / article / information contents.

One thing I’m looking at is the ability to add google calendar to grav which I haven’t found. Need to just display them and format them. Is there any plugins for this? Or should I connect to like the others have done? Any other way to just import them to ‘pages’?

Any help would be appreciated.

  • Ray

There’s plenty of ways to integrate google calendar with a PHP-based app like Grav. For example:

I don’t think there’s a calendar plugin available, but I’ve done a similar integration for other clients. It’s pretty easy to create a plugin that can pull a from Google calendar and display the results with a nicely integrated look and feel.

Alright. I’ll work into that… Maybe can get a plugin made for this :smiley: