Creating a new event on a calendar

Hi everyone,

I am new in Grav, actually i started usng it the past couple of weeks and i am trying to experiment with it and it seems to be a great too to work with but i am having difficulties on finding tutorials on how to do staff like adding events on a calendar. I have enabled the plugin but i cannot understant how to associate a specific event for a given date… Any help would be appreciated… Thanks alot

@kleas, A bit more info would be nice…

  • Which plugin are you using? There are about 4 of them…
    If you could provide a url to its repo it would save the reader some time.
  • What have you tried so far?
  • What did you expect to see?
  • And what did you actually see?

Thanks a lot for your quick response,
i am trying the events plugin that creates a calendar on a newly created page but
i cannot seem to find a way to add events associated with specific dates… And i cannot
find any tutorials or youtube videos how to applly things…


And i cannot find any tutorials

Have you tried the file on the repo of the plugin?

I did the moment i installed the plugin,
but i dont seem to undersatnd how to to do it as it semms cause i havent managed to add a single event so far…

@kleas, At the risk of coming across as unhelpful… :innocent:

  • What have you tried so far?
  • What did you expect to see?
  • And what did you actually see?

By answering the questions I asked before, I might get an idea where things might go wrong, or where your misunderstanding is.

Please help the community help you by providing clear (reproduceable) steps, including code snippets (if applicable) of templates, page frontmatter, config changes, etc.

so i tried ical and events… i installed the plugins, created a new page with calendartemplate format, followed the instructions on copying the file to the config directory . I created a .ics file in outlook calendar , uploaded it on the calendars folder that i created as instructed but i am still not doing everything right. And to be honest its not very clear for someone who is not an advanced user… I am looking something like a 1 2 3 etc step by step instruction eith and example to test it and see wether it works or not… I am hoping - guessing that i should have a calendaar with some dots on specific dates ?? or whatever it could indicate that there is an event going on …


Regarding iCal, there is an open issue on the repo of the plugin: Can not read ICS file. I also, cannot get it to work.


  • Fresh install of Grav 1.7
  • Install of plugin Event: $ bin/gpm install events
    Accept co-installation of ‘Date Tools’

Steps for showing Calendar

  1. Create file user/pages/03.calendar/
    title: Calendar
    # No collection definition needed for calendar template
  2. Create file user/pages/03.calendar/event1/
    title: Event1
        start: 01-01-2021
    A brief description of Event1
  3. Browse to ‘localhost/calendar’ and you will see calendar with Jan 1st encircled.

Steps for showing Events:

  1. Create file user/pages/

    title: Events
    content:                 <-- Note: Wrong frontmatter in README
          taxonomy@.type: event
    ### List of Events

    The incorrect frontmatter in the README causes the Twig template to not find a proper collection of events. Yes, looking at the code was needed to find this issue.

  2. Create file user/pages/

    title: Event2
        start: 02-01-2021
    A brief description of Event2
  3. Browse to ‘localhost/events’ and you will see a list containing 2 events. Page ‘localhost/calendar’ will also show 2 events in its calendar.
    The event plugin will find events anywhere, as long as it contains frontmatter event:

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Thanks alot!!! That was REALLY helpfull … Last night though i found out how to do it but i wasnt really sure that this is the right way… What i did was made a new page, on a calendar template , and then another page as an event template( after sooooo many tries). And then i discovered that u can create a weekly event like every tuesday that lasts for 5 months , but after i saved it it poped up like 20 new tabs evnt1 , event1 event1 and so on on my first page… I found that in order to by pass that all you have to do is to make it not visible and voila… something good happens … But reading your example made everything clear… So thanks again… You should make a quick video you know… You will help alot of people… I am going to try and apply everything your way and let you know :slight_smile:

@klaes, Glad it helped…

You should make a quick video you know…

That is a task I’ll leave for the owner of the plugin. You might give him feedback on his repo about the documentation issues.

Hi can i ask you something else? The site i am trying to create must be bilingual. So i have this problem with the created events cause i first created it them in eng , but when i switch into greek and press on the date to see the scheduled vents it will always bring the eng one as well even if i create a new event in greek . That turns to show the same event twice in both language… Oh and somenthing else… The name of the month dissapeared just like that from the top of the calendar for no reason. Weird???

Hi can i ask you something else?

I think that warrant for a new topic with its own suitable title…