Calndar like widget

Hi guys,

Is it possible to embed a calendar like widget in a grav site?

I’ve looked into plugins and into the documentation but I wasn’t able to find anything.

Cheers and thanks for any suggestions!


Hi @ghtmtt, there is an Events Plugin but it looks quite inactive and I have never tried it myself.

In case you didn’t know, a really nice thing about Grav’s Markdown pages is that you can include HTML elements (i.e. iFrames) - so if you can find an embeddable calendar widget somewhere other than Grav you should be able to easily embed it.

HI Paul (and sorry for bombing you with all the threads in the forum :slight_smile: )

OK then this is what I was going to do, finding a calendar service and embedding the iframe widget.


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No problem at all, happy to help! Still learning lots myself🙂

@ghtmtt: have a look at - this is pure javascript and can easily be embedded in a grav page (I’m doing this for my own needs).
Event data can be provided by customized function, I’m using one that reads ICS files.


I switched to and then I embedded it as Paul suggested. Works fine, thanks!

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