User register page

I am having trouble creating an actual page for user_register. (I have enabled and setup several users from the frontend.) The Readme says to make a blank page called user_register or have that route. When I try this I always get terrible errors.

twig An exception has been thrown during the rendering of a template (“strtr(): Ignoring replacement of empty string”)

Right now I’m trying to get my site back up. I removed the page and purged the cache to no avail. It keeps regenerating these cache files after I delete them.

any help thanks

@yehudac, I’ve tried to create a “User Registration” page myself using the instructions from the README of the Login plugin.

I only managed to create a “User Registration” using the first method by adding a menu-item pointing to the url as set for route_register in login.yaml. Note however that the method, mentioned in the instructions, does NOT work for most themes.

I’ve created a new issue for the Login plugin to share my experience.

thanks. i used quark theme to get the site back up.

I tried several methods like adding menu in system/config/site.yaml but it didn’t work.

I tried adding page with type: ‘item’ then redirect to ‘user_register’

this worked thanks