Login plugin needs better guidance

I appreciate the work put into the Grav and Login plugin. Nevertheless, there are some improvements needed. Grav is generally pretty userfriendly, but the documentation needs some more friendliness.
This part seems pretty easy:
The first and easiest way is to add a page with the same slug (route) as the registration form. So for example if in the Login Plugin settings you set /register as the registration form path, then create a 04.register page (the 04 number is just an example, use your own ordering), with no content. The Login plugin will "override" that page, serving the registration page form when the user clicks on that menu item.
But it doesn’t work. I did many times the steps to get my registration page to work. And only thing I get is either empty page, or big and cuddly Error 404.
Can we have a bit more precise steps as of what and where has to be done to make such a basic functionality work? Thanks for your time and patience.

I absolutely agree that the documentation needs improving. Alot of it is written with assumptions about what a reader already knows, and often with insuffficient examples.

I had the same problem as you did with Login, and for the same reason: the documentation is confusing.

My solution is as follows:
a) In the <root>/user/pages/ directory I have custom/login.md
b) The file must be login.md to be rendered by the login plugin.
c) In the plugin section of the admin page (I assume you are using the admin plugin), click on login and change the Login path option to users://pages/custom.

Hope this helps