Can't make registration works!


I’m a beginner with Grav and PHP so don’t blame too much (I started to read the F*** manual)! :slight_smile:

Config: Last Grav installed from the Deliver skeleton + Admin with required plugins.

I try to make a registration form, to do it I follow instructions from the Login plugin at Git (Allow User Registration).

  1. Defined /register as ‘Registration Path’
    • Tried to open this url in the browser as specified but with no luck! I got:
      400 - Template “form.html.twig” is not defined.
  2. Created a page named Register
    • Retried again, no luck again! (400 - Template “form.html.twig” is not defined.)
    • Tried to define the page type as: Default and Formdata again with no luck! :frowning:

Of course the form.html.twig exist in the templates/forms folder because it’s a ‘Team’ skeleton. So I suppose that every required files are on the right location.

If someone could help me and guide me to make it works it will be really cool! :wink:


Hi, Deliver does not come with a form.html.twig page template in its templates/ folder. Not all the core themes do provide it.

You can copy it from the one present in Antimatter for example:

With the next release of the Form plugin (available in Grav 1.1 beta) this problem is solved in another way, by making that page template available in all themes by default.

Ok finaly I found it! Thanks!

It’s just a little confusing for a novice as a file with the same name already exists in the forms folder!

Ok, a file type is only provided by the files present in the templates/ folder, not in its subfolders. Subfolders are for partials, with the exception of the modular folder which serves modular pages.

Also, make sure you follow the right docs. Login 1.3.x, latest stable release, which works on Grav 1.0.x:

Login 2.0, currently in beta and available in Grav 1.1:

We’re in a transitioning stage between those 2 releases, so I just tell you this because you might be confused by 2 different set of docs.

Thanks for the details! :slight_smile: I really like Grav and can’t wait for the next release!