Problems with 'Login' Plugin with Antimatter theme

I followed instructions on ‘Allow User Registrations’ -
I created 02.register folder with blank file
I edited plugins > login > login.yaml with
route: true
route_register: /register

I have the ‘Register’ link but when I click on it the plugins > login > pages > gets loaded and not the file.
Where else do I need to make changes?

Thanks in advance.

Did you enable user registration in the Login plugin configuration?

yes. In plugins > login > login.yaml

enabled: true

Ideally you should be setting that in user/config/plugins/login.yaml That file overrides the user/plugins/login/login.yaml I doubt that’s it, but if you have settings set in the user config then that’ll be it.

Hi Vivalldi
Thanks for the response. But I don’t have a ‘plugins’ folder within user/config. My installation works fine, so wonder what is the issue. Here is a screengrab of my folder structure -

Thanks in advance

I tried your same setup. 02.registration page folder with an empty file, I get the registration page correctly. Not sure what could be the problem. If you see the login page, it must be that the page has an access requirement.

P.s. user/config/plugins is created when saving the plugin configuration from Admin. If you do it manually, you’d better leave the plugin’s default config as-is, and create yourself that folder, with a login.yaml file to add your custom config. Otherwise when updating the plugin you’ll lose your changes.

Hi flaviocopes
Thanks. I had installed ‘login’ through gpm. With that user/config/plugins folder doesn’t get created. Now I have reinstalled the Grav Core + Admin, created an admin login and from inside the Admin console I initialized and saved the Login plugin settings. Now the registration form is working :slight_smile:
Maybe it will be good to make this clear in the Docs - that the plugin needs to be initialized from the Admin console.
Thanks again.