Use instead of page/

Grav requires a separate directory for each markdown file - how hard-coded is that?
I want my grav content dir to be a “Public” folder in my home directory, and would rather organise my files in the normal way.
Happy to use a plugin, hack code, etc., but I suspect this is one of those assumptions that’s built-in…?

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It’s pretty much a core concept of Grav.

The reasons for this are many, but simply put, it allows for pages to have their own assets (images, videos, files, etc). This provides a lot of flexibility and power, that a single folder structure would not.

Another reason, is the folders provide a navigational structure to your site.

Also as a bonus, the folders allows us to provide a more manageable multi-language support in the future.

The single folder solution would of been much simpler to implement, but it just does not provide the long-term flexibility that we needed for Grav.