Multiplie md (same page type) files in same subdirectory

Hi, new forum member here.

We would like to use something similar to the Grav Knowledge Base theme to document a project. Some contributors to the project will be using git, and the git-sync-plugin is a really exciting option :heart_eyes:

The Knowledge Base however, uses one folder + one for each document. We would like to add multiple items under just one folder something like this

-network (folder)
-servers (folder)

You get the idea.

Any pointers on how to do this?


Welcome @tuttle!

Perhaps I am missing something… with Grav each page consists of a folder and then a markdown file within it. So, the structure you show could be done but with Grav each of those markdown files would be in a similarly named folder - is this something not workable for a particular reason?

For example, this structure is roughly the same but with Grav you would have each page being a folder + markdown file:

On-line demo of the above structure: