Use NexGen Editor In Theme Module

I am working on creating modules for my Grav theme. My company has purchased the NexGen Content Editor Plugin and I would like to use this as an form input type. So here is an example of an input I’d like to convert to the NextGen Content Editor in my module blueprint YAML file:

              type: text
              label: 'Page Text'
              help: 'Optional, For if you want bold text at the top of the page'

As you can see My input type is set to Type: text But I want to know the proper value to change text to in order to make it a next gen editor field. Such as: type: WYSIWYG or type: nextgen

@rosscampbelldovico, All questions regarding Premium products should be asked the devs themselves at GitHub - getgrav/grav-premium-issues: Official Grav Premium Issues repository to report problems or ask questions regarding the Premium products offered.

Thanks @pamtbaau I Have submitted the same question in their GitHub Q&A. Looks pretty empty though. Lets hope I get a response :crossed_fingers:

@rosscampbelldovico, You should drop the question in “Issues”, not “Discussions”…

@pamtbaau This isn’t an issue; I just don’t know how to do it. I don’t want to mis-label it as such. The Grav Team did not make an mistake. Its just me

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The Proper Type is type: markdown

solution courtesy of:

Is it really useful to use a commercial product as an editor instead of simply getting the same functionality integrated into CodeMirror? Check out and their code mirror installation and it has way more and much better ways to handle i.e. images and social media inserts/embeds etc. So I would assume that with a bit of modification of codemirror you could achieve the same and make your theme later on also available for all people who do not use NexGen Editor.