Uploading image by browsing from site root

I wanted to use grav for team based website but unfortunately I have been discouraged by my inability to find an easy way of uploading images or even selecting them from a directory within the site. Is there any image handler or a plugin that is designed for that?

You can easily add file uploads via a file form field.

You can configure this field to allow certain file types, or files up to a max size, and store them in any directory in your Grav installation. There is a filepicker field type that lets you choose files from a directory.

This is interesting. May I ask why this feature is not included by default without the need for configuring it in Yaml?

Uploading files is by its very nature an HTML form submission. So it makes sense that the form plugin is the place for this file field.

Not only that, grav itself is laser focused on supporting pages and not much else. All other functionality can be added via plugins where needed.

I totally agree with making it a plugin. My question is why isn’t the installation of this plugin is not easy as others.

Simple answer is forms are not easy. Installing the plugin form is a doddle, just bin/gpm install form, or if you have the admin, you already have it (as admin requires it), but creating a form, requires some ‘understanding’ as you have to define how the form is intended to work, and how it should be processed.

The form plugin in Grav is a generic plugin that is used in a wide variety of ways, you can create your own plugin that uses the form plugin in a certain way to perform a specific task. The admin plugin is basically building on top of the form plugin with functionality that lets you manage Grav.

Thank you for the explanation. I get it.