Browse /media/ or /images/ plugin?

I’m playing around with GRAV for the very first time and I’ve run into a quirk I can’t find a solution for in the documentation. I checked and github, and I can’t find a plugin for it either, but I’m probably not the first one with this problem, so…

My problem:
I store my media (images, pdf, etc) in a separate /media/ directory because I often re-use my media across different pages. No point in uploading the same media twice, right? And because I like to keep my media structured and neat because I tend to have a lot of it, I have divided it into different sub-directories. For example: /media/news/2017-i-am-learning-grav/my-image.png.

But, using the /admin/, the filepicker or the pagemediaselect field type doesn’t work unless I give the full path to the images (which would be /media/news/2017-i-am-learning-grav/). This doesn’t work for me: you can select an image in the current directory, but doesn’t allow you to actually browse your media.

Is there a way to work around this other than working in the ‘expert’ mode? A plugin not (yet) listed by GRAV, perhaps? Something else?

Thank you for your time.

Something like the RichFilemanager which can be used from within the Admin panel would be great I think.