Upgrade issue with a new version of my plugin

I’ve released a new version of my autoseo plugin (1.2.5 ) a few hours ago.
I don’t understand why it still does not appear in https://getgrav.org/downloads/plugins and why only the very first version is visible.

I’ve double check the changelog (what was buggy until today) , but now, I can’t see where the problem can be.
I’ve also made a github release with each new version.

I’m investigating…

Shows correct after i cleared my browser cache.

All runs well now.
thanks for your quick answer

JFYI, I work in into IT since more than 15 years now (yes, I’ve used netscape 1.0!!) and Grav is the most satisfying CMS I’ve never used: very very fast, easy to understand, easy to use and very versatile.

I really love Grav !

The team has made and is still making a very very great Job !