Upgrade issue

Hey, sorry for the user question on a developer forum. I wanted to play around with grav. Had a working install of grav on my sandbox. Created a inherited theme from antimatter and was experimenting. I noticed the 0.9.28 revision and ran the upgrade process. It seems to have worked, but received the following error:

[root@server html]# bin/gpm selfupgrade
Grav v0.9.28 is now available [release date: Tue Jun 16 18:22:10 2015].
You are currently using v0.9.27.
Would you like to read the changelog before proceeding? [y|N] n
Would you like to upgrade now? [y|N] y

Preparing to upgrade to v0.9.28..
  |- Downloading upgrade [2.08M]...   100%
  |- Installing upgrade...    ok                             
  '- Success!  
  include(/var/www/html/vendor/symfony/console/Symfony/Component/Console /Input/ArrayInput.php): failed to open stream:   
   No such file or directory                                                                                            
self-upgrade [-f|--force] [-y|--all-yes]

[root@server html]# 

Expected??? Anything to worry about???

thx, jeff

As I said in this thread:

Unforseen issue with the upgrade, but not a problem to worry about. Is not going to cause a problem and is a one time thing.

Thanks. Just scanned the post titles, thought it was about update not showing up in gpm command. My bad, should have read the thread.

no problem, i tweeted it also when it was discovered. Have no fear though, the upgrade was not effected. :slight_smile: