Unzip in public_html folder

Hello to all,
I upload and extract grav 1.6.8 to the public_html folder. and I got this public_html/grav.
the webpage run at mydomain/grav and the admin panel in mydomain/grav/admin.

Then I moved all grav files to public_html and my webpage works straight away under my domain. nevertheless I can not access to the admin panel and or about, blog or any other page.

can anyone help me or explain to me how to unzip the files correctly?
thanks in advance,
I’m stuck.


Hi @cidelab, one possibility is that the invisible .htaccess file (within the Grav folder) did not get copied over to the new location - can you confirm that it was copied too?

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Hi @paulhibbitts , thanks a lot for your quick response,
yes the file .htaccess was not unzipped in the folder. I dragged the folder for my local copy in my and it works.

thanks again

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