Page Media only accepts Images

Hi Everyone,

Any help would be much appreciated.

The page media section on my pages are refusing to upload any content other than images. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong here? The file types I am trying are all listed in the docs and the allowed file types in admin.

Edit: PHP limits are all set to 150M.


Thank you in advance!


At what point in time was this screenshot taken?
A file of type MP4 does show up like you posted after uploading but before saving the page. After saving the page the file will show like this in the media section:
Screenshot at Feb 24 07-14-56.

Also note that the file in not placed into the page folder until the page is saved.

That screenshot was before saving, but after saving the file completely disappears.

Also, nothing in the Grav logs to suggest something has failed.

Please check your Apache and PHP logs on the server. Maybe your PHP settings have size restrictions or a rule intercepts the upload.

All my PHP upload / post size settings are set to 150M.

When I drop an image into the media area I see a POST request appear in the network section of the developer tools.

When I drop an MP4 no such POST request appears.

I’ll check, but I think it may be something on the front end.

Maybe this issue is related:

If you run the latest admin plugin and the error persists: Please report it at GitHub.

I’ve added to the issue attached.

I am running the latest version of everything, including admin v1.9.12.