Unable to see the modules attached to a page

Hi all,

i’m very new with grav and i KNOW this is what i was looking for for years :wink:
But, despite i’ve read some tutorial, i can’t have a workins modular page on the website.
I think, i did the right things on the admin panel but it’s obvious i didn’t :frowning:


Any tips ?

I run grav+admin 1.7 with docker, theme bootstrap4




despite i’ve read some tutorial

Did you read the tutorial dedicated to Modular Pages?

If so, did you create the collection definition in the primary page?

hello @pamtbaau ,

Thank you for your very quick response!

I have no modular.html.twig file in my directory. So i created one with inside:

{% for module in page.collection() %}
{{ module.content|raw }}
{% endfor %}

And it did help!
But how do i indicate on the primary page (with admin panel) to create a collection so that i don’t need to create the file modular.html.twig myself ?

Anyway, thank you already :wink:


@fab, I’m afraid I cannot follow you…

You might consider downloading the skeleton One-Page Site and see how the modular page is constructed.


forget about the modular.html.twig file. It already exists where it has to.
I just make my main modular page visible and all the modular stuffs appears.

Thank you for make me think harder :wink: