Modular page doesn't shows its children

I followed the instructions from the docs and have problems to get a modular page working.

Instead of showing the parts as defined in pages/01.home/ (and using their twig templates) the themes/mytheme/templates/modular.html.twig is used to render the homepage. If I delete that template I get an error ‘Template “modular.html.twig” is not defined.’ Modular

the modular.html.twig template is used to render the homepage. In that template it should iterate over the page collection, and render those pages. At that point each of the modular pages will be rendered with their associated template. Check out the modular file in Antimatter as reference:

Ok, thanks! That makes a lot more sense. I thought that GRAV itself assembles those modular pages internally. The documentation could be a little more explicit about that :slight_smile:
However, it now works! Thanks again!

If you think a page of the docs is not clear enough please post an issue on the Learn site GitHub repository with a proposal to improve them, which part is confusing to you, how it can be improved. Thanks!

Done :slight_smile: