Unable to install Grav

I am wondering if I am just too much of a layperson to use Grav. The site sold me on it, yet the installation instructions have left me in the dark. I managed to upload the Grav + Admin to my webroot, I believe, but typing in my site’s name just brings me to my regular cpanel log-in.

The extra documentation was of little help as well, though it did prompt me to change the version of PHP used on my server, which was surprisingly easy to do.

Disclaimer: I’m new to Grav, and I haven’t used anything with cPanel in over ten years so I’m not sure how helpful I’m going to be but I’m happy to try. :slight_smile:

What happens when you go to [your address here]/admin ? (If you extracted grav to a folder, try [your address here]/[your folder]/admin .)

Probably more helpful, I found this guide for a university’s very specific cPanel setup but if your host’s cPanel is on a similar version, it may help a lot more than I can.

Thanks for responding!

/admin got a 404 error.

The folder in my root is grav-admin, and that doesn’t seem to work as an extension either. Another 404.

The guide worked! At first it didn’t, but when I copied it to the letter (putting it into public_html) it worked. I was able to type my [website]/grav-admin (which then redirected to [my website]/grav-admin/admin.

Exciting. Hopefully, this will have been the only hang up I encounter.

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