Long Term WordPress user - lost


I’ve downloaded a skeleton to play with and I also downloaded gav-admin for good measure. Using cPanel on my Apache server I’ve created a folder on my development server called /testgrav/ and uploaded and unzipped both files to that folder. I’m running php v5.6 btw.

But I must need to edit a configuration file or something to allow me to create a user and login but any attempt to browse to /testgrav/ or /testgrav/index.php or /testgrav/grav-admin/index.php results in a 404 error so I guess I am missing a step somewhere?

Have you checked the docs?

Well I’ve read through all the Basics section and searched here for “Installation” but I’m missing something clearly.

Not read that 404 reference though - reading now.

Nope, so far nothing.

I have renamed the folder to just /grav/ and edited the rewrite rule to /grav and also tried as /grav/ but neither is having an effect … but then again I am not having a problem with subpages - I’m not seeing any pages, just my normal 404 page from the WordPress website in the root folder.

I have several WordPress websites on this server - one in the root and a couple in folders, so I have multiple .htaccess files so I don’t think my problem is htaccess related.

But I don’t know where else to look… :frowning:

lol - I cheated.

Just realised that my cPanel has a Softaculous install for Grav - up and running now!