uBlock Origin and Grav


I am new in Grav. While I am trying Grav in Admin plugin, I found out that by default, uBlock Origin did block certain “popup” from Grav.
For better understanding, please go to https://getgrav.org/ and click on the ChangeLog. If you are using uBlock Origin, by default, it will block the Change Log list and showing only blur page.
Only by turn off the Cosmetic FIltering in uBlock Origin, then the normal ChangeLog list will appear.

My concern is that once my Grav website is online, for users that using uBlock Origin, it will block certain “popup” page from my website.
Any idea how to exclude Grav from uBlock Origin cosmetic filtering blocking?

Thank you.

I have installed uBlock Origin to test, and with the default options (cosmetic filtering enabled, whatever that means), I can see the changelog just fine.

Anyway it’s not a concern for your own Grav sites, as every site/theme/plugin implements things differently, and if there is some browser extension blocking a popup which is important for your site, you should either avoid a popup, or find a way to bypass that extension.

Are you sure you have turned on uBlock Origin in your browser?
Because I have tested using both Firefox and Chrome, especially in chrome where the uBlock Origin is default settings, and it showed in blurry page.