"GRAV Premium" banner

Hi, I realize that for Grav creators it is very important to find subscribers for Grav Premium… but the banner at the bottom of the page is very cumbersome and annoying when browsing the site.
Couldn’t we have the option to shut down it?

Thank you.

In brief, no, according to this GitHub-issue.

In my opinion your first question on this forum was rude… They put lot of work on that cms and you can get this for free. Asking owner of the website to stop promoting his own work is ridiculous. As an premium extension user I dont mind see this advert even when I already paid them… PS it is easy to disable any element on any webite with liite of knowelage and I would help U with this, but console.log(first_sentence)

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In others opinion, including my own as noted in that issue, that banner is obtrusive and shown to end-users. “It’s a link to a paid product, an advertisement by any name. Third-party direct-access to in-product advertisements would be even worse.”

The fact that we could run browser-extensions to block such advertisement is beside the point; there’s already extensive links to Grav as a product throughout Admin, and the banner cannot be turned off through a setting.

Wait… Are we talking here about Admin or Grav page? :smiley:

Post is in “Site Feedback” so my answer was about getgrav.org but it looks like OleVik has admin panel on his mind… so I get confused now too :roll_eyes:

I read the original post too quickly and made “bottom” into “top”, and assumed the “option to shut down it” referred to a request for a setting. The banner on GetGrav.org hopefully will get picked up by the advertisements-filters on common adblockers in the same vein as cookie-policy banners.

I mean… How often do you browse Grav website for banner to ruin your life? :smiley: I personally used it when developing my own websites to find plugins - that’s it. Everything else is on learn.getgrav.org and you don’t even need main website. I’m now really curious how much time one would spend there, so that would need to ask to remove their own (not even a 3rd party) banner from their own website.

@gianfrus, do you also contact NYTimes, Amazon, Facebook support asking to remove all ads on their websites?

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Hi everybody,

if my request was considered rude by someone i’m sorry, there was no intention of doing this.

I confirm that the request was about the main site not the admin panel in Grav installations or whatever.

There is a lot of good content on the site and you can spend a lot of time on it. Certainly that banner doesn’t ruin anyone’s life but, depending on the device you use to browse and comparing with similar product sites, I remain with the impression that the banner is a little omnipresent and without the possibility of being hidden once the message is received. But I never asked for it to be deleted.

In any case, this is just a suggestion that may very well not be accepted. There is absolutely no problem.

My appreciation for the work of the Grav team is beyond question. Thank you and have a good day.



The banner never bothered me much (it’s a small price to pay for this lovely cms and I rarely visit the site), but tested a possible solution for you…

To get rid of the banner on getgrav.org:

All the plugin does is injecting the css into the page. And once you have Stylus installed you will find numerous other sites you may wish to tweak…

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