Typical tasks newbies want - text colour, alignment, background image

Hello all, I`m new here I hope this section is the correct one to make a suggestion.

What a new user wants to do is probably installation, put text into a page and then change the header image and change some css like the colour of p and maybe text-align left for h2. It is difficult to understand how to manage a header image but the last 2 things cannot be done online through the admin interface at all. It has to be done through a custom.css by ftp. In my case it took me a while to find this as I was searching for the css settings elsewhere to possibly change them.

My knowledge of cms was rather 15 years old when I got here. As far as I remember there were few to no CMS where I could change the layout (theme, css etc.) online. Still today this is rather a dead topic. But it would be so easy with grav to edit the custom.css online e.g. through the pages editor.

All the documentation is great, but a newbie can easily get lost with the first steps which to me seem pretty typical.

@MarkusRTP, IMHO, Grav is a developer oriented CMS.

If all one wants is a space to add text/pages and accept the capabilities and layout of a theme, the newbie will be OK with Grav.

When changes need to be made in Twig templates and/or scss/css, dev skills are required.

If the user does not have these skills, other tools might be more suitable: Wordpress.com, Wix.com and the likes.

They can be, using shortcodes, which can be added to the editor in Admin. However, to add to Pamtbaau’s notes, I would also ask whether the user should change the color or alignment. These things are better governed as a unified approach to the site’s design, not by the user.

The Markdown-syntax is preferred because it marries readable text with clean content. There are in fact very few things the user can do to create messy markup or formatting, nor break in the process. Grav adds the ability of themes to support header-images through blueprints in Admin or with simple FrontMatter.

All the new user should need to read is in the Basic Tutorial.

@pamtbaau I think wordpress ist even more complicated when it comes to altering the theme but wix and alike are really good tools. To be developer oriented is a valid opinion.

@OleVik I meant the Admin-user whom I`d like to be able to change custom.css through the page editor rather than on his PC and having to use ftp.
Yes I accept Mardown as the new thing but it adds to the load of instructions that has to be read and understood and practiced to do small things like formating images or background colors of text. Yes, I noticed TinyMCE editor plugin.