Twig Reference for Blueprint Fields YAML

Hi guys, I need a little help. I made a blueprint for a modular element, and added some buttons:

  name: buttons
  type: list
  style: vertical
  label: Buttons
      type: text
      label: Text
      type: text
      label: URL
      type: toggle
      label: Primary
      highlight: 1
      default: 1
          1: 'Yes'
          0: 'No'
          type: bool

Now, in my twig template, how do I access the text and URL fields? I currently have it set to :

<a href="{{page.header.buttons.url}}">{{page.header.buttons.text}}</a>

But my html output returns an empty tag.

I think im getting the syntax wrong on how to drill down into my frontmatter to extract the right data. But I can’t for the life of me find any docs on this specifically.

I think you’ve duplicated the header field in your blueprint. page.header will already get you into the fields so change header.buttons to just buttons and then your twig code should work as is.