The Array Field in blueprints.yaml

Please tell me how to get the array of fields from blueprints.yaml form, something like the type of and meta.content, but with custom settings.

      type: tabs
      active: 1
          type: tab
          title: Services
              name: service
              type: list
              label: Block
                  type: text
                  label: Title
                  help: Title 
                  type: array
                  label: Doctors
                  help: Doctors
                  placeholder_key: KEY
                  placeholder_value: VALUE
                  required: true

{{ service.title }} works and gives the Title, but {{ service.doctors }} displays just the word: array

If it’s an array, you cannot print it using {{ var }}. You need to iterate over it, just like in PHP / JS. Using the for tag for example:

Of course I use tags to output the Title for example:

{% for service in page.header.service %}
{{ service.title }}
{% endfor %}

But how do I get the array? About it no where does it say.

Should be something like metadata. For example:

{% for meta in page.metadata %}
<meta {% if %}name="{{ }}" {% endif %} {% if meta.content %}content="{{ meta.content }}" {% endif %}/>
{% endfor %}

But in this case .name and .content not working

Maybe I’m not making myself clear? Here in this example:
How to using tags get words: Test and Blog?

{% for doc in service.doctors %}
  {{ loop.index }}: {{ doc }}
{% endfor %}

Thanks! Just a little misunderstood. I got this:

       {% for key, doctor in service.doctors %}
       <li>{{ key }} - {{ doctor }}</li>
        {% endfor %}