Trying to use related pages plugin


I am trying to use the related pages plugin.
In the configuration file you have to add a specific item (tag) to compare the pages. I don’t fully understand why you have to fill in the Items attribute in the config? Should it not be able to rate the pages based on the taxonomy of the current page? To make it work, i have to fill in specific tags, otherwise it wont return pages. It only matches these specific tags?

With the current yaml settings, it will return pages…

      - test4
      - test2
      - test

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Correct, basically the filter tells the plugin which files to gather up and compare in order to find related pages. My goto example is usually:

        '@page': /blog 

This way it will use the page collection defined in the /blog page which makes sense when I’m using this plugin to find other related blog pages. However if you wanted to use a variety of pages, you could simply assign each one a specific category and use that:

   category: relatable

Then in the plugin configuration:

        '@taxonomy.category': relatable

@rhukster, I had a problem on a project recently: Let’s say I had two distinct blog pages: /blog1 and /blog2 , how would you define the plugin yaml in order to make sure that blog1 pages does not display related pages that are from blog2?

Currently this plugin can only have one configuration. To support multiple configurations would require some redesign of this plugin. Please submit this as a feature request here:

Many thanks, I will do that

Thx @rhukster for clearing things up. i think will use the category way.