Related pages plugin not working

new to grav and having some trouble with the ‘related pages’ plugin. installation appears successful, but related pages do not appear for any of my blog items. I have not made any changes to the default relatedpages.yaml config file. One observation that seems suspect is the fact that even explicit_pages specifications in the page frontmatter fail to display in the related pages list. Your help and insight is appreciated. I have already tried the solutions proposed in the following topic, but they fail to resolve my issue.

I should also add that I have a custom site setup which includes multiple blog pages at the root level. I have tried adding the various directory paths in the @page: designation of the relatedpages.yaml to no avail.

Maybe this is because of this issue ?

Hi Paul, Thanks for your time. Great stuff. I had reviewed your thread, but dont think I followed fully in my initial reads. In fact, I do observe the issue you describe, and followed the fix, as follows:

  1. Install the related pages plugin
  2. at /user/plugins/relatedpages/relatedpage.yaml change line 7 to
    @page: /[collection_name_here]
  3. at /user/config/plugins/relatedpage.yaml change line 7 to
    @page: /[collection_name_here]
  4. at /user/plugins/relatedpages/blueprints.yaml update lines 56-61 to
    type: multilevel
    value_only: true
    type: array

This worked. Thanks for pointing e in the right direction.

That’s it, exactly! :+1: