Related Pages Plugin Not working with self or taxonomy

I am trying to get the related pages plugin to show. I would like for it to show on any page I add the related_page into the yaml. I have tried taxonomy and @self. Does anyone have ideas?

title: API
    tag: [article]
    - /tutorials
    - /reference

Here is my user/plugins/relatedpages/relatedpages.yaml

enabled: true                   # set to false to disable this plugin completely
limit: 5                        # the number of related pages to display
show_score: true                # toggle to determine if scores should be displayed in output
score_threshold: 20             # minimum score needed to show up in the list
filter:                         # filter a configurable collection of pages to compare
        '@taxonomy': article
        by: date                # order type by default
        dir: desc               # order direction
page_in_filter: true            # true if the current page must be in the filtered collection
    process: true               # true|flase to enable this explicit page matching
    score: 100                  # score (0 - 100) to give explicit pages
taxonomy_match:                 # taxonomy type matching
    taxonomy: article               # which taxonomy type to use
        process: true           # true|false to enable taxonomy to taxonomy matching
        score_scale:            # scores for number of matches
            1: 50
            2: 75
            3: 100
        process: false           # true|false to enable taxonomy to content matching
        score_scale:            # scores for number of matches
            1: 20
            2: 30
            3: 45
            4: 60
            5: 70
            6: 80
            7: 90
            8: 100
content_match:                  # Disable this if you have lots of posts, performance implications...
    process: false              # true|false to enable content to content matching

I added the related plugins to my users/themes/quark/templates/partials/footer.html.twig

{% if config.plugins.relatedpages.enabled and related_pages|length > 0 %}
    <h4>Related Posts</h4>
    {% include 'partials/relatedpages.html.twig' %}
{% endif %}
<section id="footer" class="section bg-gray">
    <section class="container {{ grid_size }}">
        <p><a href="">Grav</a> was <i class="fa fa-code"></i> with <i class="fa fa-heart-o pulse "></i> by <a href="">Trilby Media</a>.</p>