Related Pages

Hello, I have created two blog posts (both live in the blog folder as its parent) and I have the Related Pages plugin installed as part of the PinPress theme,… but I jst cant seem to get it work. I tagged both posts with three identical tags and its not showing up as a related post.

enabled: true # set to false to disable this plugin completely
limit: 5 # the number of related pages to display
show_score: true # toggle to determine if scores should be displayed in output
score_threshold: 20 # minimum score needed to show up in the list
filter: # filter a configurable collection of pages to compare
@page: /blog # supports @self, @page, and @taxonomy collections
by: date # order type by default
dir: desc # order direction
page_in_filter: true # true if the current page must be in the filtered collection
process: true # true|flase to enable this expli cit page matching
score: 100 # score (0 - 100) to give explicit pages
taxonomy_match: # taxonomy type matching
taxonomy: tag # which taxonomy type to use
process: true # true|false to enable taxonomy to taxonomy matching
score_scale: # scores for number of matches
1: 50
2: 75
3: 100
process: true # true|false to enable taxonomy to content matching
score_scale: # scores for number of matches
1: 20
2: 30
3: 45
4: 60
5: 70
6: 80
7: 90
8: 100
content_match: # Disable this if you have lots of posts, performance implications…
process: false # true|false to enable content to content matching

Any ideas? Im new to Grav, and Ive read all the instruction i can find now just fumbling…

You are really going to have to paste that within triple back ticks, or post a GIst or something. I can’t make any sense of YAML that is not pasted as code.