Trouble with post-installation

Hi, i have a trouble with Grav am thinking of not using it, i re-install with the git option, and install the admin package with CLI and When I upload the web page it redirects me to http: // and it appears the page does not exist; I edit the admin.yaml file and change the “route: / admin” option to “route: /” and load the administrative panel. But when I try to go to any menu it directs me for example if I click on Tools it directs me to http: // Tools / or if I give Configuration I redireccioina to http: // config / system and so it is with any menu selection And the web appears the following message “This domain is not configured for this service. Please add it to your account.” Can someone tell me if they have had a similar problem?

The main problem you have is that the admin is trying to get you to create a default admin account, but your rewrites are not working hence the 404 error. If you get that sorted, you probably will be fine. Check this document in the docs.