Admin is missing

I have downloaded and installed grav with admin.
I put it into grav directory of my web documents root.

For some reason when I go to /grav/ it serves a redirect to /grav/admin

Admin directory is rightfully missing in the /grav/ directory and it all fails.

I run

bin/gpm install admin

and it did not help.

If Admin is installed, if there is no user set up yet, Admin is run and prompts for creating a new user.

The problem is that some misconfiguration is preventing Admin to run. The /admin folder is not the problem, that is normal, as Admin lives under /user/plugins/admin.

You likely miss the .htaccess file, if you are using Apache. Probably moved the files but since .htaccess is hidden, it was not moved.

Also see Page not Found

I am using nginx

I initially downloaded grav core + admin and reported a problem. So, I decided to go to basics and got just the core. I got the web page to display, so I assume it is functional.

This tells me that example I followed does not have all the configuration for nginx.

I executed command “sudo -u www-data bin/gpm install admin” add I am back to redirect to /grav/admin URL path and 404 File Not found.

I’ve got it. I did not pay attention to comment in the sample configuration file:

for subfolders, simply adjust:

location /subfolder {

and the rewrite to use /subfolder/index.php

I haven’t exactly followed instructions, because I am adding to existing system.

Hi, well i try install grav right now and i have the same trouble but i change /var/www/html/grav/user/plugins/admin/admin.yaml and route:/admin change to / i’m refresh and load the page.

But the trouble is that when i give click in any menu (ex: Tools option) redirect me to http: //tools/ and the message say : “This domain is not configured for this service. Please add it to your account.” my account is create with the panel web but i create a user with command line but the same problem.

@klausneil I’m not sure I understand the problem. Did you get a 404 when going to /admin, so you changed it to / ? Solve that problem in the first place, the other issue will go away. See Page not found

@flaviocopes my trouble is that when i select example Tools from the panel in my url appearme http:// tools/ and the message say : “This domain is not configured for this service. Please add it to your account.”