New pages and admin with 404 not found error

I just installed Grav in the webroot folder with admin plugin.
Already copied the .htaccess and uncommented RewriteBase.
Already set the AllowOverride All too.
When I try to load /admin or a new created page, I get the error 404 not found (Apache error.)

Does anyone knows what is missing?

Well it definitely does look like a standard rewrite issue. Have you followed all the steps in the docs?

Could be headers module ?

I have the same error in a hosting with cPanel. .htaccess works regularly for site pages, but “/admin” give 404. Does anyone know if cPanel has own rules for “admin” subdirectory?

So your saying standard non-homepage pages work in Grav? I would think that no pages work in Grav, and that means that you probably need to enable mod_rewrite, or one of the other items mentioned in the 404 Troubleshooting Docs. <- Please read them :slight_smile:

I have published entire site again and now it runs! Probably before there were same files corrupted. However thank you for your reply.