Trouble with LinkedIn and Wayback Machine page indexing

I am having the same problem mentioned here (in archive):

I can’t share pages on linkedin. I know it is not an Apache conf file issue, or an htaccess issue, or a bad code issue because I can create a static version of the page and it shares just fine.

Same issue with Wayback Machine: it won’t index grav-controlled pages but will index static versions of these pages just fine.

I do not have caching or compression enabled.

Any ideas?

How and where do you format the link? Did you check the HTML source after TWIG processed it?
I believe it is most likely due to wrong formatting. If you can provide the code you use to try to achieve this than it would be easier find the problem.

Please create an issue here: so i can take a look at this when i get a chance. thanks.

@procrates - Thank you for responding, but the problem is not with a link: I am typing the url directly into Linkedin post and no preview appears.

Thanks again, though.

@rhuk, Done.


Can you please link the Issued here.