LinkedIn URL sharing not working!

We are using OG matedata for our pages for social sharing and Facebook and Twitter are working OK. We have an issue/problem with LinkedIn sharing - it does not pull content from defined metadata or page itself.

We checked lot of combination of metadata with adding ?1 (?2, etc.) to end of URL to avoid LinkedIn cache issue and there was no progress. Then, we saved one of the pages as a source code - as a html and put back on the server - and it worked! LinkedIn sharing was reading OG metadata and is was OK (as for other soc. networks).

Does anyone have any idea what should we do to enable LinkedIn URL sharing with Grav CMS?

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It is related to Grav Cache and/or Gzip compression.

Not really sure. Can you narrow it down a bit further. Try turning off cache, does that make a difference? I doubt it’s gzip, but worth trying turning off gzip too?