Problem with

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i’m getting an “IO Error” (“The result cannot be determined due to a non-document-error.”) at
This happens with a frensh grav install. Only solution for me is to turn on the option “Gzip compression” in system.yaml. By default this option is off.

Does anyone have the same issue? Is it a server fault on my site?

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Seems that the error means

One specific case that causes this is a server that claims the file is compressed, but then serves an uncompressed file.

I tried one of my sites with Gzip off and I got the same issue, but I don’t have an answer yet on what could be the cause of the problem, as I cannot find any indication in my headers that the document is compressed when it’s not.

I get this as well. It seems related to this archived grav community post:

…and this issue: