Links to pdf page media


I’m having some problems with my urls for page media data files.

When I include


in my Markdown, the generated slug-style html is
— html

That looks good. However, when I click through, I get a 404 Error. I have the same problem with .txt files, but images work. Is there something I need to do to get the routing for data files?

(For reference, the file is accessible via directory-style links. So, from Twig

{{ }}

to html
--- html
<a href="http://localhost/grav/user/pages/08.pdf-test/bid.pdf">bid.pdf</a>

works. Though I’d actually rather have the other link format here too.)


Hmm… the first approach should work. Can you add an issue here:

I am having this same problem and I believe it used to work just fine. I have a site where I am linking to a PDF or any other file for that matter. My markdown link is like this: [SRraffle-poster.pdf](SRraffle-poster.pdf)
The link I get is like this:
That is where the pdf file is located so the link should work. I have tried different settings in .htaccess, but that is not the problem. I don’t see an issue raised in github either but am happy to do so.

For now I have to create the links to these files manually.

Thanks. Just added the issue.

will look at this. It definitely was working…