Trouble with email or form

Hello grav

My modular contact form went out out of order suddenly, I can’t understand why.
I have been trying to resolve it step by step rebuilding the whole process from nothing following documentation on learn.getgrav but I have not been able to get it work again.

A simple like in reference is ouput like a standart form without any kind of styling, and the push of button submit redirects to an error message (without styling).

Even a simple form action to send an email does not even send anything anymore.

When naming file, page is styled and the {{ content }} is output but nor page.header.form nor page.header.process gives anything, so that form is not output in page, nor emal sent.

Please note that I wonder if there is not an interference with the multisite structure of the site, which is:

`/user/pages/01.home/` (antimatter inhe ritence mytheme)
`/user/sites/blog/01.home/` (antimatter inheritence mytheme)
`/user/sites/docs/01.home/` (learn2 inheritence mytheme)

Thanks in advance for help.

the default.html.twig which is used by does not have any support for outputting a form. If you look at the form.html.twig in the Antimatter theme you will see the logic that outputs the form. That’s why generally speaking you would use for a form on the page.

However, you can copy the form output logic from form.html.twig and put that into any template.