Contact form for modular page

I’m not stupid, but I can’t figure out how to display a contact form on a module page. I read the instructions:

If your theme does not provide a templates/forms/form.html.twig file, it’s not set up to use forms, but no fear - just copy the form templates from Antimatter, the default Grav theme:

In Qurak theme in templates/forms/ desnot exist form.html.twig
Ok, I download a Antimatter theme and in folder templates/ only form.html twig

Maybe there is another instruction on how to make a form and display it on a module page. Please.

Take a look at the Editorial Theme repository, for example.

You can see the result on the demo page.

Thanks. How disable privacy validation?

@NataliaB, you just have to delete these lines in

           name: Privacy
           type: privacy
           label: 'Privacy Policy'
               required: true
               message: 'By using this form you agree with our Privacy Policy'

You have the demo content in the GitHub repository.

@NataliaB Have you taken a look at the Editorial repository, on the demo content?

Look at the contents of, on the modular home page, and in the root folder.

It’s all you have to do.

However, all the information related to the contact forms in Grav can be found in its documentation.