Translate my website

Hello to all,
I’m a newbie in the community, I’m busy setting up a small blog, I would like to know on grav there is the possibility to translate all the pages 1 by 1 and to have a /fr /de folder but all this automatically to avoid having to copy and paste each page 1 by 1 and to have fun to put them back in the language I want?
Thanks all to reading my post have a nice day !

How do you imagine automatic translation? Are you talking about automatic language detection and live translation? Also what do you mean by to have a /fr /de folder? Did you read the docs how translations on Grav work?

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I think he would create a folder with the language /en/ for example and copy all the pages /en/hey/me.html and after copying the page, just translate it with the content and title. ( we should translate the content and the title. ) ( maybe it’s possible do that with the ftp ? )

It sounds like you’re confusing Grav with some other CMS. Grav by default doesn’t have HTML pages at all. Also translations doesn’t work with your described folder approach. Start by learning from the docs and see how it goes