Admin plugin automatic multi-language page creation?

Greetings everyone!
I am new to Grav and was wondering If there is any option, or a hack, which allows admin plugin to automatically, on a page creation, creates a page for all supported languages? So that I don’t have to create manually in the pages folder.

By default, languages with no page translation will fallback to the default language. So, if your default lang is english, if you don’t have a custom version for another language, the english page will be shown.

Thank you for reply! I am talking about admin plugin here. When I am logged in as an admin and create a new page, it just creates a page for one language, even though I have two languages supported with page translation enabled. If I want to make the same page translated into another language I have to do it manually.

Can Admin plugin create both “” and “” automatically for me?

No that is not automatic. You need to switch language in the pages list, or choose “Save as french” in the page itself.

But, what’s automatic is showing the english version if someone is browsing the french version of the site (fallback to default)

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Thank you!