French translation of documentation


Interested in learning GRAV, and actually exploring the online documentation, I’m wondering if you’re searching for someone to translate it in French.

My english level is “professional”, meaning that I don’t speak it fluently but I think it could be more comfortable to have a French translation to spread your project in my country. :wink:



Hey @Devit,
That’s an old subject, and since then the subject has resurfaced, but what now?
If nothing is officially backable, would you like to set up an unofficial translation team? I’m french too, and willing to help!

Hi @Devit @TetraoTetrix, the main avenue of translation efforts with Grav are hosted on but this is more related to UI vs. actual docs. You could always touch base with the Grav Team (@rhuk) - I would think perhaps French Blog Posts/Tutorials about Grav would be an awesome way to help out too🙂